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A widely used and often misunderstood way of tracking a business’ performance is to look at its EBITDA. What is this? The acronym stands for Earnings Before Depreciation, Interest, Tax & Amortisation. But what is it actually telling us? Earnings is another word for ‘Profit’. So EBITDA is basically your profit for the period before… Read more »

Service Line Reporting in the NHS

NHS organisations are moving towards a system of financial reporting known as ‘Service Line Reporting’ (SLR) Service Line Reporting is the same idea that’s used in the private sector for tracking the profitability of individual products and services. In the same way that a telecoms company knows the different costs and profits of its Pay… Read more »

We all depreciate

You may have an idea what the word ‘depreciate’ means. It’s used to describe the fall in value of something and it’s that fall in value that we focus on when we use the word. So, for example, if you buy a car you may talk about how much it has ‘depreciated’ over the past 6… Read more »