Privacy Policy

At Clearly Training we respect your privacy and have created this page to explain, clearly and openly, how we use any data you provide us with and data that is provided to us by your use of our site.


Much has been made of the recent enactment of a piece of legislation known as the EU Cookie Directive. Cookies are simple text files that contain information that can be used to identify you upon a subsequent retain to a web site.

In the vast majority of cases the information held within a cookie does not personally identify you but contains a string of data that a web site can recognise as belonging to a device that has visited before.

What follows is information we believe is necessary for you to make an informed choice about how we track your use of our site and how we make use of that information. It is important that you understand that your continued use of this site will be deemed as implied consent as laid out by the Information Commissioner’s Office in their latest guidance on the matter.

Cookies can either be first or third party for the purposes of the legislation. The information made available to first party cookies are available only to Cat Creative Media. At this time we set no first party cookies.

Third Party Cookies are used by a lot of web sites, ours included for a variety of tracking/measuring/improvement purposes. So when you visit you can expect to see the following cookies set on your machine:

Third Party Tracking Cookies

Like many web sites we use software that logs all page views and user paths through our web site. This allows us to understand things like:

  • how many people visit the site
  • what browser or device they are using
  • which pages they look at
  • where they enter and drop out of the site
  • Which sites/search engines refer them to our site
  • What keywords were used when searching

We use two tracking services: Google Analytics (used by a huge number of web sites around the world) and Hubspot. The cookies placed on your machine are:

Google Analytics:

  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz

Other Third Party Cookies

W3TC Cache – Our site is powered by WordPress and we use a performance enhancement plugin called W3TC Cache. This improves the speed of our site enormously. The plugin places a cookie called w3tc_referrer on your machine which contains our web site address. Whilst we cannot warrant what use the owner of W3TC will make of the data it contains no information about you.

  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz
  • uvc

How to control the cookies stored on your machine

Most modern web browsers provide inbuilt tools so you can control what cookies are on your machine at any given time and which sites can set cookies. The site About Cookies has a wealth of information about what cookies are, how to control them, delete them, legislation etc and we’d recommend that as your first port of call if you’d like more information.