NHS Business Games

NHS Business Games

Our NHS business games are a highly interactive and engaging way of helping managers, clinicians and those new to finance understand the financial and strategic aspects of running an NHS organisation.

Different types of NHS Business Games

We currently have four NHS Business Games that cover the following sectors:

  • Acute
  • Mental Health
  • CCGs
  • Health & Well Being

A case study of one of our NHS Business Games

The NHS Business Game was played by four teams of 4 or 5 players (16-20 delegates in total). The participants were mainly managers & senior managers from the trust with some clinicians also attending. The game has been run 5 times so far for this client, training approximately 80 managers.

Each team was responsible for running a surgical unit specialising in four types of surgery. The teams made decisions about the number of patients to treat each round of the game. The teams all had limited resources and funds and needed to ensure that they treated the optimum number of patients.


Once the decisions were made the teams plotted these on their game boards and moved their cash around the board to reflect the costs of the decisions made. At the end of each round the teams each prepared Income & Expenditure statements to record their financial outcomes.

Each round of the game was debriefed by the Clearly Facilitator to illustrate different aspects of the teams’ financial performance. Teams were asked to look at the relative costs and incomes of the different types of surgery for example so that they could choose the most financially successful.

NHS Business Games coverage:
The following technical details were covered :

  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Balance Sheets
  • The Accruals Principle
  • Capital Charges (Depreciation & Interest)
  • The NHS Tariff System & Payment by Results
  • The Commissioning Rules
  • Foundation Trusts
  • Allocation of Scarce Resources
  • Budgeting & Budgetary Control
  • An Introduction to Service Line Reporting

Return on Investment:

The NHS Business Game feedback from delegates gave a 100% satisfaction rating on the programme’s aims of improving the engagement with Financial Information. Following the NHS Business Game managers were able to understand and therefore use their Budget Statements more effectively and felt confident that they could make a valuable contribution to monitoring their budgets using their financial information.

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