UK Accounting Standards & GAAP

UK Accounting standards & GAAP have undergone a major overhaul with the publication of  standard numbers 100, 101, 102 & 105.

The whole structure of how organisations in the UK prepare their financial statements has changed. Our UK Accounting Standards & GAAP course looks at these changes and specifically at the new requirements under the standards, focusing on the detail in standard 102. Please also see

There is more to UK GAAP than just the accounting standards though. The whole nature of how we prepare financial statements for shareholders in the UK and the background legislation are important concepts. Other accounting regimes may do things very differently. For example, some regimes still have accounting and tax rules that are the same. Therefore they have no concept of Deferred Tax. It is useful for UK accountants to be aware of these differences because they may deal with overseas subsidiaries or suppliers.

We can tailor our UK Accounting Standards & GAAP course to your own requirements and we will work with you to create a course that reflects the key accounting areas used in your own financial statements.

For example, the course can focus on a specific area such as Groups in order for you to get maximum benefit from the day. Alternatively we can provide a General Refresher or a Full Update or any combination of these.

In order for your time to be used as effectively as possible, our trainer can deliver your course over as little as half a day or a full day or even two days if you need us to.

UK Accounting Standards & GAAP Course

Our general course outline covers the following:

  • Background to UK Standards including 100, 101 & 102
  • The reporting framework
  • Financial Statements & terminology
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Provisions including deferred Tax & pensions
  • Reporting Financial Performance
  • Financial Instruments
  • Share Options
  • Groups

Our Commitment:

We will take feedback from each delegate to enable you to track the business benefits of training. The feedback forms can include:

  • The clarity, enthusiasm and ability of the Tutor
  • If the course exceeded expectations
  • Action plans and commitment to improve personal performance
  • Relevance to the job
  • A report on feedback will then be submitted to you.

UK Accounting Standards & GAAP Training Materials

On all Clearly Training courses delegates will be given a ring binder containing a copy of the presentation materials together with any relevant exercises or examples.

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