Budgeting, Flexible Planning & Rolling Budgets

Our one day Budgeting, Flexible Planning & Rolling Budgets course is designed to help you understand the basic principles of preparing a budget. Our course takes a fresh look at the principles of preparing a budget. You may have prepared many budgets before, but our course will give you the time and space to reflect on new ways of approaching the budgeting process. We will introduce to you new, simple ideas that can have major effects on the way you budget and the time you take to budget.

Course Length: 1 Day

This course will provide a refresher into the core budgeting and forecasting techniques for your company. The course will entail identifying and addressing the issues and challenges facing management accountants in constructing, implementing and managing the budgeting and planning process. You will be asked to think critically about your existing budgeting processes and how you can improve these.

Course Content:

  • The strategic role of budgeting in the context of the business planning process
  • Types of budgeting
  • Processes to construct a meaningful budget
  • The 80:20 rule: time savers
  • Rolling Budgets Focus
  • Forecasting techniques used in budgeting
  • The problems and challenges of budgeting effectively

Our Commitment

We will take feedback from each delegate to enable you to track the business benefits of training. The feedback forms can include:

  • The clarity, enthusiasm and ability of the tutor
  • If the course exceeded expectations
  • Action plans and commitments to improve personal performance
  • Relevance to the job
  • A report on feedback will then be submitted to you

Training Materials

On all courses delegates will be given a ring binder containing a copy of the presentation materials together with any relevant exercises or examples.

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