Finance for Non Finance Managers course outline

We can add any content you wish to your Finance for Non Finance Managers course.

Below is a typical course content outline.

We can cover the content in a full day or we can cut it down to half a day. If you would like the course to be more impactful we can expand it to a day and a half or two days. It’s really all down to what you want from your course.

A sample course outline would look like this:

The aim of the course is to provide Managers with the form, content and terminology of basic Financial Statements. To enable Managers to understand and interpret a set of Financial Statements.

Course content:

  • Basic accounting concepts and terminology including accruals, depreciation, amortisation, fixed and current assets, stock, tangibles, intangibles & provisions.
  • The structure and meaning of the financial statements including the Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
  • Analysing Income & Expenses
  • Introduction to ratio analysis
  • Linking the theory to the internal reports of your organisation
  • Introduction to the concept of liquidity

There will be some technical content to be delivered in the course. Delegates will be provided with real set of financial information on the course. We can use your own reports to give real impact to the course. These will be used for reference and exercises throughout the course.